Tutorial Videos 

    Portalbuzz is a club management system that provides your club a public website
    and its members easy to use online tools.   The following videos are designed to help
    members use it.

   This is a must read for all Kiwanis members.
           Quickstart guide for Portalbuzz users

    This has a large number of helpful works on a variety of  club operation subjects.
              Portalbuzz Support Center

    This has a number of Portalbuzz videos  on a wide varity of subjects
              Portalbuzz Videos

    The following are subjects from the Portalbuzz Support Center related to events.
Create a new event

              Event tasks - create a new task
              Event tasks - edit task
              Event tasks - delete task
              Event tasks - comment on a task

              Event task - assign task to members
              Create event volunteer positions
              Edit Event volunteer positions

              Create printable signup sheet

              Manage event volunteers (Administrator)
              Record attendance for activities
              Record attendance for events

              Attach a document to an event

              Create a note
              Edit a note

              Delete a note